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Tamper-Proof Magnetic Strainer

You shouldn’t have to worry about solids entering your facility’s drainage and plumbing system. That’s why we’ve created our Tamper-Proof Magnetic Strainer.

With our specialized strainer, you can ensure access to your system is limited to people you trust. Using a magnetic lock and key system, the strainer can only be removed by individuals with access to our specialized key. Your drains stay free of blockages, allowing you to focus on what matters. Our key design is unlike any other, which means it can’t be easily pocketed or hidden by those who may wish to tamper with the strainer.  

Your number one priority is cleanliness, which is why we build drainage systems that are sanitary and safe for all types of food production applications. Drains matter — they’re the most used tools on your production floor. They see constant traffic, experience non-stop use, and require constant cleaning, no matter how busy things get.

Thankfully, we can help with drainage systems that stand up to the roughest wear, keep both your floor and products bacteria-free, and are easy to clean. Whatever your application, we have the custom drainage solutions to fit your unique needs.

Tamper-Proof Magnetic Strainer

learn more about Tamper-Proof Magnetic Strainer and other great products!
learn more about Tamper-Proof Magnetic Strainer and other great products!
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