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Tamper-proof Magnetic Strainer

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Your drainage matters. That’s why we engineer premium quality products you can use in your facility to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and safety that holds up during the busiest times of year. No matter your need we have an accessory you can use that is durable enough to meet any demand.

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Foodsafe drains locking magnetic strainer
Foodsafe drains locking magnetic strainer
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You shouldn't have to worry about solids intentionally entering your facility's drainage and plumbing system. That's why we've created our tamper-proof strainer for catch basins and area drains.

Constructed from T304 or T316 stainless steel, the strainer and lock were designed without harbor points where bacteria can hide, keeping your drains as sanitary and hygienic as possible.

With our specialized strainer, you can ensure access to your system is limited to people you trust. Using a magnetic lock and key system, the strainer can only be removed by individuals with access to our specialized key. Your drains stay free of blockages, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Our key design is unlike any other, which means it can't be easily pocketed or hidden by those who may wish to tamper with the strainer.


Slot Drain Catch Basin

Equipped a with strainer basket, the catch basin allows easy access to any Slot Drain.

Food-safe Area Drain, round

A hygienic, radius-bottom, stainless steel system designed to eliminate standing water.

Food-safe Area Drain, square

Our square stainless steel area drain system prevents standing water and reduces odors.