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Slot Drain Strainer Basket

Easy access to your slot drain

No matter how careful you are, solids, such as byproducts or packaging materials, will eventually end up in your slot drain. Our load-bearing, easy-to-access catch basin makes retrieving and disposing of solids easy, and it can be customized to fully meet the needs of your individual operation.

Simple sanitation starts here

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The strainer basket’s 1/2-inch perforated holes trap stones, keys, rings and other items that are smaller than the slot opening, that you want to intercept. Made of stainless steel, it is designed to last for the life of your system.

Compatible products

The strainer basket can be attached to any of the following:

6000 Series Slot Drain

For shallow depth requirements and hygienic environments. The 6000 series starts at a depth of 2".

6000 PLUS Series Slot Drain

Designed to accommodate higher flow rates than the standard 6000 Series Slot Drain.

10,000 Series Slot Drain

Designed for the highly regulated food processing facilities. Complete drainage sanitation.