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Cleaning Brush slot drain accessory

Slot Drain Systems

Your facility is busy. People, equipment, and your products are constantly moving, and your floor needs to stay safe, no matter what. That means you need drainage that is bacteria-resistant, durable, and easy to clean to sanitation standards — you need a Slot Drain system.

Our Slot Drain systems are built to integrate into your existing workflow and equipment placement and feature no-niche designs that are easy to clean in place, with options to suit all applications.

Simple sanitation starts here

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Slot Drain Cleaning Brush
Slot Drain Cleaning Brush
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Our cleaning brush is the best tool to keep your slot drains free of build-up. Its flexible head allows you to reach all areas of the drain channel, and its durable build will help you maintain constant cleanliness. Combined with our Flush-Flo system and clean-in-place functionality to ensure the healthy and safety of your facility, your workers, and your consumers.

Compatible Products

The Cleaning Brush can be used on any of the following:

6000 Series Slot Drain

For shallow depth requirements and hygienic environments. The 6000 series starts at a depth of 2".

6000 PLUS Series Slot Drain

Designed to accommodate higher flow rates than the standard 6000 Series Slot Drain.

10,000 Series Slot Drain

Designed for the highly regulated food processing facilities. Complete drainage sanitation.