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Devil May Care Brewing Company



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In late 2022, Devil May Care Brewery, a Winnipeg-based contract brewer, embarked on a groundbreaking journey to construct their own facility at 155-A Fort Street. The co-owners, Colin Koop and Steve Gauthier, decided that they would handle a bulk of the construction themselves – as both a cost saving measure and to ensure that their facility precisely met their requirements.



Colin Koop reflects on the journey, “Five years on from the start of our stint as a contract brewer, we finally got to open our very own facility. Suffice to say, it was very difficult!” The biggest challenge was raising capital, as Koop emphasizes, “We’re just two pretty ordinary guys…there’s no family wealth to speak of.” The DIY construction faced delays and unexpected infrastructure costs due to upgrading the power service with Manitoba Hydro.

Koop and Gauthier, having known FoodSafe Drains from previous projects, turned to the company for a drainage system. Koop states, “When it came down to it, there really was only one choice, and it was FoodSafe Drains.” With their guidance, they purchased the right product and installed the drains themselves. Koop commends the process, saying, “They took our requirements, designed the system appropriately, and delivered a fantastic product that we use literally every minute of every day.”


Innovative Solutions:

Devil May Care opted for 50’ of 6000 Series FoodSafe Slot Drain, which covered the drainage needs of their entire 5,500-square-foot facility. Koop explains the functionality, “Since we are a wet environment, a lot of moisture ends up on the ground during a production day. All of this either flows directly or is pushed with minimal effort toward the slot drains.” FoodSafe Drains’ consultative approach was vital, with Koop highlighting, “We were able to convince lenders that we had something financially viable on our hands.” 

Koop adds, “FoodSafe Drains wanted to ensure that they would not encounter any issues that may be caused by heavy machinery.” The recommended solution was the FoodSafe Slot Drain line of products, specifically the 6000 Series PLUS-R Slot Drain, ensuring durability and load-bearing capacity.



Impressive Outcomes:

Looking ahead, Koop says, “Ideally, we will be able to grow until physical space becomes an issue, and then we’ll see what our options are.” Koop and Gauthier express their commitment to embracing organic growth while continuing to be a vital part of the downtown community.

Revolutionizing Brewery Cleanness: Devil May Care testimonial

Colin Koop’s quotes highlight the challenges and triumphs of Devil May Care Brewery’s journey. The collaboration with FoodSafe Drains exemplifies the success achieved through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. By addressing construction challenges and implementing a reliable drainage system, Devil May Care has laid the foundation for continued growth and success in the competitive brewery industry. FoodSafe Drains’ consultative approach and high-quality products, as acknowledged by Koop, have proven instrumental in overcoming the unique challenges of brewery operations, setting a standard for future projects in the field.



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