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Retrofitting Floor Drains for Breweries and Wineries

If there is anywhere where proper drainage is essential, it is in breweries and wineries. Floor drainage systems are required by law, and you want to ensure you have the best system possible for your winery or brewery to ensure the most hygienic space possible.

Existing breweries and wineries typically have a traditional trench drain system which, while effective, certainly isn't the best option available. Updating your floor drain system is relatively straightforward: you only need to retrofit a new, more efficient system.

Comparing the Old and the New

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With the amount of wastewater created in wineries and breweries, one of the primary needs of a floor drainage system is having a high flow rate, in addition to maintaining sanitary conditions.

There is no denying that a traditional trench drain can handle significant flow rates; the issue is that they require a great deal of maintenance. With these systems, you have to replace the drain cover every few years to prevent safety issues, clean and sanitize the cover, and clean and sanitize the drain regularly to keep it free from bacteria. A traditional trench drain may also not provide adequate flow rates or durability in terms of materials.

If you have any of these concerns with your existing system, you should replace it with a more effective solution.

Replacing Your Old System: The Retrofitting Process

Replacing Your Old System: The Retrofitting Process

For systems like the Slot Drain from FoodSafe Drains, retrofitting is a straightforward process. This particular system comes pre-assembled and is ready for retrofitting.

To retrofit it, you need to cut open the area where the previous drain channel was to fit the Slot Drain–this will require the most work and patience. Once the floor is ready, you can fit the drain system into the opening and anchor it to the final location while continuing the installation. Be sure to take the time to level and set the drain sections at the required height before installing the bolt flanges. Take time and tape over the drain channel opening to keep concrete out during the final steps of installation.

Now you can start preparing the drain for the floor. Start by pouring concrete underneath the drain in 8-inch intervals to provide and support and prevent it from floating. Allow this concrete to cure for a day before pouring the concrete for the floor. Once the floor has set, you can remove the tape and spacers inside the drain and grind off spot welds to get a smooth finish.

Slot Drain: A Quality Choice

FoodSafe Drains' Slot Drain System is a newer style drain that is perfect for replacing traditional trench drain systems. It comes pre-assembled, making installation easy, which is just one of its many benefits:

More Durable

Durability is vital to any drain that goes into a brewery or winery. They need the strength to withstand the constant weight and pressure from the various equipment, machines, and traffic. The 10,000 Series system from FoodSafe features the heaviest load-bearing capacity, ensuring it will withstand even the heaviest of loads. This is helped by the grate-free design of the system; unlike traditional systems, the Slot Drain doesn't need a drain cover, which tends to be fragile and break easily.

Sanitary Design

Sanitation is another critical factor for floor drainage systems in these types of facilities. Slot Drain from FoodSafe Drains is designed with food and beverage facilities in mind. It features an NSF-certified design that uses seamless T304 or T316 stainless steel. The stainless steel is both bacteria- and odor-resistant, significantly reducing the risk of contamination.

Easy to Maintain

Possibly the most difficult part of traditional drainage systems is the maintenance. Slot Drain makes it much easier, thanks to a few different things. The sanitary design of the system makes it resistant to bacteria, and the open design makes cleaning the interior channel easy with tools like a brush and paddle.

The system has the added benefit of a custom clean-in-place system, which uses automation to clean and sanitize the drain in just a few minutes. This means that employees do not have to spend so much time cleaning the drain and can focus on other tasks in the facility.

Be More Efficient and Upgrade Your Floor Drains

A drainage system is more important than some people may realize, especially for breweries and wineries. Traditional trench drain systems are an option, but you should use the best available. FoodSafe Drains' Slot Drain system is a system meant for the beverage industry, and it provides a sleek, durable, and sanitary design.

Retrofitting your space to fit the Slot Drain is an easy job that you can do yourself if you know how to handle concrete. Once you've retrofitted your brewery or winery for a Slot Drain system, you will be sure to notice a difference in how efficient and clean your drain is, and you'll be glad you made the change.

Contact us today to learn more about FoodSafe Drains' Slot Drain system.

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