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The Most Effective Floor Drain Solutions for a Commercial Kitchen

Working in the food industry takes a serious commitment. There is a great deal of variety in all areas of the industry, with everyone competing to be the best. Entering the field means investing money in the correct commercial kitchen setup and the best equipment. Having a clear understanding of the food industry laws and commercial kitchens is vital to set everything up according to the necessary codes.

What’s a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens go by many names. You may have heard them referred to as shared-use kitchens, commissaries, or even incubator kitchens; regardless of what they're called, they all refer to the same thing: a commercially-licensed kitchen that culinary professionals use to prepare food. These kitchens can include more than just prep and cook space; other essential parts include storage, food service, delivery, dish return, and a cleaning station.

Commercial kitchens

Government Regulations for Commercial Kitchens

Unlike personal home kitchens, commercial kitchens are held to extremely high standards, set by the FDA and USDA. These agencies' rules and requirements cover a wide range of areas related to how a commercial kitchen is required to function and what it needs in terms of setup. One vital component in a commercial kitchen is the commercial kitchen floor drain.

The regulations state that floor drains must carry wastewater, sewage, and other fluid waste to designated disposal outlets in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination. Drain systems should be NSF and CSA-certified and made of durable, sanitary materials that are easy to clean and that will control odors. Other essential features of a drainage system include having a heavy-duty load class, corrosion resistance, the ability to handle extreme temperatures, and ease of maintenance.

Importance of Floor Drainage

Choosing the right commercial kitchen floor drain is as important as choosing the right stove. The floor drain plays a vital role in maintaining a safe, sanitary facility.

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Drainage systems remove wastewater from the floor surface, and it moves through a drain channel to a designated disposal area. Without such systems in place, wastewater can remain on the ground, where it can become a dangerous slipping hazard and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria like e. Coli. Bacteria can then lead to contamination around the facility, ruining both products and ingredients.

Other issues that result from a lack of drainage include foul odors and an increased chance of pest infestation issues.

Two Systems to Consider

There are many options for commercial kitchen drainage, but none can compare to the FoodSafe Drains. Their commercial kitchen trench drain and slot drain systems are some of the best on the market. Here is what you should know about the two different systems:

Trench Drains

The commercial kitchen trench drain is a heavy-duty drainage system that is ideal for removing solids from the kitchen easily. It features stainless steel construction and a wide-open drain channel covered by a grate.

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There are two versions of the FoodSafe trench drain: the V-shaped bottom and rounded bottom models.


  • The wide drain channel offers a high capacity and allows the system to handle solid waste without clogging.

  • The grate cover prevents accidents, and the tamper-proof locks ensure that only authorized employees can access the drainage channel.

  • It is constructed using T304 and T316 stainless steel.

  • Both versions feature a heavy-duty Load Class D rating.

  • Both options are compatible with the FoodSafe Drain clean-in-place system.

  • It is a more extensive system that is more noticeable and not very attractive.

  • The grate cover can break, which would require replacing, which creates additional expense.

  • Grate covers add an additional step to the cleaning routine, since they require cleaning and sanitation.

Slot Drains


The FoodSafe commercial kitchen trench drain system is a traditional choice, but it is not your only option. The FoodSafe Slot Drain is a newer take on the traditional trench drain system. Unlike its counterpart, the Slot Drain has a slimmer channel opening that does not require a grate covering.


  • The grate-free design creates a sleek design that can go virtually unnoticed.

  • The grate-free design also eliminates any possibility of a grate breaking and the extra cleaning work that comes with them.

  • It is made with T304 and T316 stainless steel to create a seamless channel body.

  • It is compatible with clean-in-place automated cleaning, for easy maintenance.

  • It features a Load Class E rating, one of the highest ratings possible.

  • It is easy to install or retrofit into a commercial kitchen.

  • It can handle flow rates up to 27 gallons per minute, per foot of drain.


  • Slot Drain offers high flow rates, but it does not have the same capacity as the FoodSafe Trench Drain.

Trench drains and slot drains are both excellent choices for a commercial kitchen, in terms of efficiency and sanitary features. The cost can vary depending on which style you choose and the size of the system you need. A commercial kitchen trench drain can also have added costs with the grate cover, like maintenance and replacing broken grates. Slot Drain does not have those same costs, making it a more cost-effective option–without sacrificing efficiency.

Settling the Drain Debate with FoodSafe Drains

Commercial kitchens have many requirements that are established and regulated directly by the government. It is vital to follow all these guidelines. Otherwise, you can face serious consequences.

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The commercial kitchen floor drain is one area you want to ensure you choose the best possible option. The Slot Drain is a highly efficient system with the sanitary requirements necessary for a safe and efficient commercial kitchen, in a sleek, easy-to-maintain design. You will not be disappointed in choosing the FoodSafe Slot Drain for your commercial kitchen's drainage needs. Contact FoodSafe Drains today.

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