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Do You Need to Install a Commercial Catch Basin?

Commercial kitchens and other facilities constantly have to deal with a lot of water exposure. Inside the facility, water and other fluids can spill and pool on the ground, which creates an unsafe and unsanitary environment. Outside the facility, rainwater, melting snow and ice, and spilled liquids from the loading dock can also pool on the ground.

Standing water outside can cause more than just safety issues; it can lead to foundation and structural damage, asphalt erosion, and even flooding within the facility. For these reasons, preventing standing water is critical, and the best way to prevent it is by installing a commercial catch basin or trench drain with catch basin for commercial kitchen usage.

What Are Catch Basins and What Are They For?

catch basin

A catch basin is a storm drain used to redirect water runoff and prevent flooding. You frequently find storm drains on public streets, but private commercial properties may also use them. These systems collect rainwater, melted snow, and other fluids, and transport them to an outlet such as a sump, reservoir, or treatment facility via a connected pipe.

A commercial catch basin is covered by a large grate, to prevent larger debris from falling through. Smaller debris, like leaves and some trash, may still make it past the grate and collect at the bottom of the drain system, which can cause it to become clogged.

Reasons to Install a Catch Basin

When there is no water management, the result is standing water, which can lead to many issues:

Prevent Property Damage

One of the biggest dangers of standing water is property damage. On the exterior of a commercial property, standing water can lead to the erosion of asphalt, creating potholes that can become safety hazards. It can also cause foundation damage, leading to structural concerns. Water seeping through the foundation can also lead to mold issues, and create serious health concerns.

Avoid Attracting Insects

Standing water attracts bacteria-carrying insects, which are not only a nuisance but a health concern, especially for commercial facilities in the food and beverage industry. It doesn't take much for an infestation to begin, and once it is an issue, it is challenging to eradicate.

Prevent Bacteria Growth

Bacteria is another major concern with standing water. Puddles are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria like Listeria, which can spread quickly through the facility on workers' shoes and cart wheels. Bacteria make consumers seriously ill and can even lead to death.

Alleviate Slipping Hazards

Standing water also creates slick surfaces. Whether inside the facility or outside, a slick surface is hazardous. Worker injuries from falls can lead to legal issues for commercial facility owners if it is deemed as negligence.

Commercial Catch Basins from Slot Drain

Commercial Catch Basins from Slot Drain

FoodSafe Drains has a high-quality catch basin, perfect for the inside and outside of facilities. Their commercial catch basin features a sleek design, with a 1/4" T304 stainless steel lid that features tamper-proof locks, to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the basin's interior.

The basin comes in three size options: 6"x12", 12"x12", and 24"x24", and are all typically 20" deep. FoodSafe Drains also allows for customization of the catch basin to meet each client's specific needs.

catch basin is part of a larger system called the Slot Drain

The catch basin is part of a larger system called the Slot Drain, a variation on the traditional trench drain with catch basin for commercial kitchen use. The 10,000 Series system comes with either T304 or T316 seamless construction and features a groove and seam-free design that prevents bacteria accumulation. An open design and clean-in-place capabilities add to the sanitary condition, making bacteria and contamination concerns virtually non-existent.

Slot Drain specification

A strainer basket is inside the catch basin to catch any debris that makes it into the drain. The strainer basket traps anything larger than a 1/2-inch diameter, to allow you to retrieve and dispose of debris easily. It is an important piece of the system, as it makes sure no larger debris will clog the system, causing it to become backed up and not function properly. The strainer basket is also constructed using high-quality stainless steel.

FoodSafe Drains' Slot Drain and commercial catch drain basin both feature a heavy-duty load class rating. This makes it possible for the system to handle heavy traffic and bulky machinery without fear of damage.

Catch Basins Make the Difference

Drainage is necessary for a wide range of areas, particularly commercial settings. These systems are essential for preventing standing water, property damage, safety hazards, and more. While there are many systems available, a commercial catch basin like the one that comes with FoodSafe Drains' Slot Drain system is most effective. This combination is the ultimate water management system, for easily maintaining a safe and sanitary commercial setting.

Contact the professionals at FoodSafe Drains today to learn more about commercial catch basins and the best modern drainage offerings.

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