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7 Essential and Innovative Drainage Solutions for 2023

In most cases, the primary concern of builders is to create buildings with beautiful designs. This isn’t necessarily the case for industrial facilities, particularly food and beverage facilities, where function takes precedence over beauty. In these facilities, cleanliness and sanitation are the primary concern, and the building design takes these factors into account.

Facilities can vary depending on what they produce, but one detail that is the same overall, is the need for a sanitary drainage system. There are many options when it comes to drainage systems, including innovative solutions to ensure your facility has an efficient system safe for food and beverage processing.

Here are seven innovative drainage solutions to consider this coming year for your facility:

1. Brewery Cleaning and Sanitation

Breweries are not strangers to liquid spills, which can frequently happen throughout the day. The pre-sloped 10,000 Series Slot Drain from FoodSafe Drains provides an efficient way to manage spills, keeping brewery floors dry and ensuring bacteria does not have a chance to begin growing. The system features a nicheless stainless steel construction that prevents bacteria from sticking and making cleaning the system much easier.

2. Retrofitting for Food and Beverage Facilities

A drainage system is typically installed during the construction phase with new facilities to make things easier. Sometimes, however, existing structures are bought, and facility owners and managers must make the necessary changes to ensure it fits their needs. One possible change is the drainage system–which means you want a system that is easy to retrofit into an existing facility. FoodSafe Drain’s Slot Drain is a system you can install in a single day.

3. Processing Fresh Produce

When it comes to fresh produce, water is essential. Unfortunately, water can also lead to many issues without proper precautions. Standing water from production creates the perfect habitat for bacteria growth, leading to serious contamination issues.

Drainage systems, like those from FoodSafe Drains, are the key to significantly reducing the chance of bacteria growth from occurring and managing the water runoff, with flow rates up to 27 GPM.

4. Bacteria-Resistant Systems

Food and beverage processing facilities need to pay special attention to their equipment; food debris and standing liquid waste can lead to bacteria growth, like Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella, and more. These bacteria are serious and cause potentially fatal food-borne illnesses if food or beverage products become contaminated.

Slot Drain from FoodSafe Drains is made with a seamless, food-safe stainless steel that is bacteria-resistant. The pre-sloped design helps effectively eliminate standing water, with NSF and CSA-certified catch basins that make it possible to retrieve any objects that become lost in the system.

5. Clean In Place (CIP) Functionality

One of the benefits of a system from FoodSafe Drains is the option of Clean-In-Place (CIP) functionality. CIP makes it possible to clean the entire system in place through automation, reducing the chance of errors and employee exposure to chemicals. You simply fill it with the necessary cleaners, sanitizers, neutralizers, or other chemicals and let it soak before emptying it and going through a rinse cycle. Being automated means that employees can dedicate more time to other tasks, also increasing productivity.

6. Grate-Free Design

Grates are a standard part of traditional drainage systems, but they are problematic in many ways. A grate will begin to degrade over time, with the constant traffic and cleaning chemicals. This means you will have to replace them regularly; otherwise, the system is unprotected and unsafe. Grates are also notoriously difficult to clean since their weight makes them difficult to remove, and they can trap bacteria which is difficult to remove completely. The unique, innovative drainage solution offered by FoodSafe Drain's Slot Drain is a grate-free design. Rather than use a cover, this system features a slim channel opening that keeps large debris out and prevents tripping.

7. Flush Flo Automatic Drain Cleaning

The Slot Drain from FoodSafe Drains also features other innovative drainage solutions, including the Flush Flo system. Flush Flo is a system that connects to the waterline that allows you to open the valve and let water fill the drain channel to help clean the system. Flush Flo can be flushed manually or through the use of a timer for more automated cleaning. It is an excellent addition to food and beverage facilities to ensure that the system is cleaned thoroughly.

Innovative Solutions That Make a Difference

Food and beverage facilities have to make sanitation their number one priority. Without proper sanitation, a facility is open to bacteria growth and contamination that can cause serious health and legal issues. One of the most crucial steps to ensuring the proper sanitation levels is to install an efficient drainage system, like the solutions from FoodSafe Drains.

Explore more innovative drainage solutions from FoodSafe Drains today.

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