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Farmers Brewing Company

Bill Weller is the owner and founder of Farmers Brewing Company, located in Princeton, CA where the family farm has been operating for generations. Brewing beer was once just a hobby that started in his garage, but it has since grown into a thriving business. Today, Bill’s facility which was established in January 2020 boasts an […]

Olympia Provisions When it comes to quality, there are few operations that care more about holding their product to the highest standard. Olympia Provisions, a family run charcuterie operation in Portland, OR, is one such company. After they began operations in 2009 as Portland’s first USDA approved charcuterie processor, Elias Cairo and his family spent years […]

Specialty Food

Time is money in a production environment, so we make drain cleaning and maintenance easy to help you save on both.


Moisture is key to fresh produce, but can potentially introduce bacteria. Hygienic drainage is required to protect your facility and consumers.

Pet Food

Petfood processing

Get drainage that saves you both time and money on your cleaning process, so you can focus on feeding our furry and feathered friends.


Seafood processing

When water is a given factor, bacteria is always a risk. Keep your facility safe with drainage that supports that.

Lewis & Clark Brewing Co

THE STORY Lewis & Clark Brewing Co., located in Helena, Montana, got its start like so many others: as a home basement brewery. In 2002, Max Pigman was juggling home brewing with another career, but when the opportunity to purchase a little brewery came along, he took it. CHALLENGES Because this first location was small, […]

Valley Queen Cheese

THE STORY Valley Queen Cheese Factory, located in the heart of Milbank, South Dakota, has established itself as a local institution, having been originally founded in 1929 by a pair of Swiss immigrants. After thriving and growing for decades, they recently expanded yet again, adding several new production rooms to their facility. CHALLENGES The facility […]

Michel’s Bakery

Built To Last, Even In the Toughest Environments THE STORY Michel’s Bakery is a 100,000 sq. ft. industrial food processing plant, that produces top-quality baked goods from their facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are family-owned and operated and have been in business since 1898. They have stringent quality control and pay close attention to detail, […]

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