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Drains for the Food & Beverage Industry

Sanitary Drainage Solutions For all Applications

Your number one priority is cleanliness, which is why we build drainage systems that are sanitary and safe for all types of food production applications. Drains matter — they’re the most used tools on your production floor. They see constant traffic, experience non-stop use, and require constant cleaning, no matter how busy things get.

What makes a FoodSafe drain food-safe?

Drainage products for your whole facility

Discover our safe, hygiene-focused drainage solutions!

Slot Drain Systems

Discover the number one safe, hygiene-focused drainage solution, built to meet food and beverage industry demands. Features include CIP functionality and durability considerations to handle the heaviest forklift traffic.

Trench Drain Systems

A heavy duty drainage solution built industry-tough to drain solids quickly and easily. These drains are safe, come with tamper-proof grating, and feature a radius-free design, able to accommodate the heaviest flow rate.

Area Drains

Your food-safe facility needs a tamper-proof drainage solution with radiused edges and a no-niche design to prevent bacterial growth. Reduce backup caused by clogging and keep your floor running at full capacity with our area drain and hub drain options.

Sanitary, durable, easy-to-clean drainage solutions

We can help with drainage systems that stand up to the roughest wear, keep both your floor and products bacteria-free, and are easy to clean. Whatever your application, we have the custom drainage solutions to fit your unique needs.

Bacteria Resistant

Keeps your product and facility safe

Easy to Clean

Save time and money on washdowns

Durable, Special Duty Load Rating

Stands up to even the heaviest loads

Low Upkeep Cost

Make costly maintenance a thing of the past

Handles Extreme Temperatures

Hot or cold, will not warp or lift

Chemical Resistant

Will not corrode, no matter what you drain

What our clients say

We have been installed in hundreds of facilities across North America. 
See what they think about FoodSafe Drains:

"I decided to retrofit floor drains in our plant. In a timely fashion you supplied drawings and specifications to match my needs. The materials were received on time, properly packed and protected for delivery. Everything came with complete detailed installation instructions. Thank you for providing this cost effective and permanent solution to our floor drain system. I am proud to show off my drains to visitors to my plant and I plan to install FoodSafe Drains in more areas of my facility."
Jon Liss
Michel's Bakery, Inc., PA

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